About us

CraftKids, a brand of Foshan R&G Import And Export Co.,Ltd., means having all kids participating in the creation of arts and crafts,and this pesists as its unswerving design philosophy. The product designers ofCraftKids, cherishing their belief that artistic life starts from childhood,aimed to develop a series of educating products concerning with the stationeryand toys for kids. By playing with these products, our kids can have fun,master a new way of learning and work independantly, so as to display theirmost beautiful and vivid inward world, and enrich their imagination andknowlege of aesthetics as a result.
Confirmed with safety certificates at home and abroad, the products ofCraftKids are environmentally friendly. For their novel and distinctivephysical appearance which strongly evokes the creative itch of children, andbecause of their highly competitive price, the brand of CraftKids has been wellreceived by children since it set up its market.

Foshan R&G Import And Export Co., Ltd., not only hasits own stationery factories and toy factories, but also cooperates with largedistritution companies, home and abroad, to learn their advanced operationphilosophy and good styles of design. Being honest, patient and efficient, thestaff of Foshan R&G Import And Export Co., Ltd. ask for your honor tochoose the brand of CraftKids. Being thoughtful to each child, we wish all thekids worldwide a heathy and happy childhood!